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PBI board members to review assessment


    The Board members of Prairie Bible Institute (PBI) have  some important decisions to mull over, looking into the future of the iconic school in Three Hills.
    The Drumheller Mail reported in its July 29 edition that PBI was completing an analysis of its operations and exploring the possibility of moving its operation to Drumheller. President of PBI Jon Olhauser confirmed if they decide to move to Drumheller, they are investigating the former Drumheller Hospital Site as well as the current St. Anthony’s School property, both in east Drumheller.
    Most recently members of the Board of PBI held a town hall meeting with residents of Three Hills to share information with the estimated 600-plus attendants of the decision making process. Reports were that most in attendance were  strongly opposed  to the move.
    According to Bob Webber, communications person for PBI, the meeting is an important part of the decision making process.
    “The community was rallying saying, ‘this is a great place to be too!’” said Webber. “The assessment team is taking all that public input and putting it into its assessment they are bringing to the board.”
    Webber says there will be a board meeting in mid October where much of the findings of the  study will be presented.
    “It was a useful meeting and there has been some good discussion on various things and at this point, it is impossible to speculate what the board will decide, but the board is gong to have all the options laid out for them,” said Webber.
    He said the board was courageous to look at the possibilities of relocation.   
    “You have 80-some years of history in Three Hills, but the good news is there are some good possibilities for this organization that Drumheller offers, and they are willing to have the courage to look at it. It has opened a can of worms, but they are working through it,” said Webber.
    He adds the board is looking at all the possibilities that Drumheller has to offer including the air strip for its aviation school.
    “One message that did come out for everyone concerned is they can’t let a decision like this hang in the air for a long time. It creates too much uncertainly for everybody,” said Webber.