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U13 mixed soccer team hosts season opener

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The U13 Mixed soccer team kicked off their season by hosting a team from Three Hills at home.
While the U13 scored first and held a lead for a significant part of the game, Three Hills won the match 4-1.
“We are really young. A lot of these kids have never played a soccer game before. Three Hills had mostly Grade 7 players, whereas we have a Grade 4 and even a Grade 3 out there,” said coach Gavin Makse. ”Overall they are doing really well.
He said the team has only had a few practices and he is happy with the progress they have made in a short time.
“There’s only so much you can do in practice and then you play the game to learn, many are still learning the rules,” said Makse.
The team is in an eight-a-side league that includes two Three Hills squads as well as teams from Didsbury, Carstairs, Hanna, and Olds. They will be playing four home and four away games.
“We are having fun, learning the game, getting our skills better, and getting our fitness,” he said “Our goal this year is to get out there, back finally playing soccer again.”