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Questions for Drumheller mayoral candidates - Ed Almond


In the spirit of the Municipal Election, we are asking the candidates for the position of Mayor of Drumheller five questions to allow them to let voters know a little bit more about themselves, outline their platform and their positions on current issues in the community.

1. What is the main reason you are running for Mayor?

I have spoken personally along with others I have found there is a lack of Oath of Office Duty, Code of Conduct, and lack of respect for the citizens. As working civil servants, this is unacceptable. Town government must work for the citizens and the welfare of Drumheller. There is major distrust in the town management skills. Their actions dictate a change is required. I have the devotion, time, and skills to help instill these requirements for the citizens. To state plainly, this town is sinking and needs to be helped.

2. Why do you feel you would make a strong community leader?

I have a strong, honest character for achieving the citizen’s civil rights. I am “fighting mad.” My commonsense and logical “out of the box” thinking can help overcome the negative aspects of decision-making for having directives and plans more successful.

3. Can you identify three areas where you would like to see a change in the town of Drumheller?

Municipal accountability and transparency for the citizens. To help boost the economy in non-tourism months, entice city companies to invest their money for affordable housing and manufacturing facilities to sustain the local business and citizens. Tourism activity needs to be a realistic balance for small communities, this is vital. More funding is needed for the youth of the town and their activities. Entice youth to participate and be responsible.

4. Can you identify three areas where the town is doing well?

With COVID and the loss of the petroleum industry things are not that strong, we can all see the results. But hopes are high and the way the community’s caring spirit and strengths come together to support the town and its voluntary programs and activities is superb. The camping industry and the future Raptor Ridge development should serve the community businesses greatly.

5. In the first 100 days in office, what is your first priority as Mayor?

First accountability of the top town managements requires a complete restructure, if not then more suitable candidates can be employed. Transparency will then follow. The welfare of the town and the citizens are number one. The Municipal Development Plan will need some critical changes to reduce construction and property costs to allow the $55 to endure to the finish line. Strategies still exist to bring the floodway to the required water flow and have a more suitable berm design. The twenty-foot top is not really viable and the trails can be routed in a less evasive manner to preserve property privacy. Eliminate the Expropriation Act by fair for river view property values and a one-time property value loss compensation for the berm view.