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Questions for Drumheller mayoral candidates - Heather Colberg

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In the spirit of the Municipal Election, we are asking the candidates for the position of Mayor of Drumheller five questions to allow them to let voters know a little bit more about themselves, outline their platform and their positions on current issues in the community.

1. What is the main reason you are running for Mayor?

I initially decided to run for Mayor in 2017 to fulfill a family commitment which was to give back to the community that gave so much to us. After completing one term I have realized how much I love the role. All I want is to make Drumheller the best place it can be and to help everyone who lives here feel happy, cared for, listened to and supported. Born, raised and raising a family of my own; as well as running multiple businesses in the Valley – Drumheller has given more to my family than I can ever express – and I am here to give back.

2. Why do you feel you would make a strong community leader?

With over 40 years of business experience, I use these skills to help move the Valley forward. To be a strong leader, it is important you can work and support those alongside of you. In the past four years, I have been so fortunate to have worked with the phenomenal Town of Drumheller Team – our CAO, the Administration, all Town employees and my amazing six Councillors. I do not consider being Mayor a job – it is a passion. I am willing to continue to consistently work hard, help citizens, our community at large, and stay positive. I have made myself available to anyone who needs to talk or ask questions.

3. Can you identify three areas where you would like to see a change in the town of Drumheller?

First I’d like to see a return to civility and some trust in the people you elect to do the right things, the hard things, and believing we aren’t out to hurt anyone. Instead, remember that our love of this town is what drives us. The atrocious negative things that are said online at us - well, that’s just too high a price to have to pay to serve your neighbors, making it increasingly difficult to get people involved in Municipal Politics.
Second, as far as the Town itself as an organization, we are on the right track, continually updating and improving many processes.
Third, our town thrives on community support with numerous boards, committees and volunteer commitments. I would love to see everyone get involved and help fill these various vacancies.

4. Can you identify three areas where the town is doing well?

When I was elected, I had a long list of issues to address as best we could. Almost everything that could be fixed, changed, and improved on from that list got done.
But if I’ve got to pick three, I’d say we’ve turned a corner on economic development by making it the true priority of the Town. We’re making huge positive strides in Seniors care in the new facility construction that’s about to begin and third, the amount of grant dollars we have brought to the valley is in excess of 60 million dollars. This has taken a huge commitment from Council and administration to have provincial and federal governments believe in our efforts to advance the valley.

5. In the first 100 days in office, what is your first priority as Mayor?

While flood mitigation may not have been the first project I dreamt of when I first decided to run four years ago, it was the hand I was dealt. So of course, continuing to get this project back on the new track established and to move forward is a priority, and it is important to put this crucial protection in place. We will continue with strong communication about what’s happening and why. As well, we need to establish the strategic priorities for 2022 and beyond. There is work to complete from the past term, so if elected, I will continue to work on the above items as well as work to finish the many wonderful projects the previous Council has started.