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Last updateThu, 17 Jun 2021 8am

What is the best advice your Mother has shared with you?


Alice Hoare
“Wash your hands and flush the toilet.”


Amber Lee Mohl

“When life doesn’t go quite as planned, my ma says, ‘Well, it’s better than a kick in the butt!.’”

IMG 0888

Roger Ouelette

“Keep being as good a boy as you now are when you grow up.”

IMG 8630

Don Ostergard

“Be sure to take a day here and there (and maybe a dollar, too – if you have one) and do something special with it. Because happy memories can never be taken from you.”

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Isobel Lippers

“Always keep a clean pair of knickers in your handbag.”

IMG 8657

Kelly Colberg

“She probably gave me more warnings than advice.”

IMG 8658

Lars Neilsen

“Think before you act.”

IMG 86591

Gord Cunningham

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”


Jim Knickerson

“Stay away from bad people.”

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