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Local group protests COVID restrictions

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A small but vocal group of protesters were out on Wednesday, April 21, expressing their displeasure with the lockdowns.
A group of about seven protesters was on South Railway Avenue, waving signs to passing traffic.
“We’re sick of the lockdown,” Darcy Graham told the Mail. “There is an over 99 per cent recovery rate. Unless you have obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and you’re under 65 you are going to most likely recover from this.”
It is not only COVID-19 restrictions but how they are applied. “We’re locked to the nines, we’re sick of it. You can’t travel, can’t gather, we can barely go to church, but you are allowed to sit on airplane row-by-row, person-to-person, so the rules are very inconsistent,” said Graham.
Elaine Funk was protesting on her own on Tuesday afternoon, but she contacted Graham, who put a call out to like-minded residents.
“I think our freedoms are being eroded under the guise of protection. We’re all going to be affected sometime, and I am going to stand today. Maybe you think you don’t need it, but I think you need your freedom,” said Funk.
She feels the media helps to create fear, and people shouldn’t be surprised there are variants.
“The more you know, the less you fear,” she said.