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Recycling Program resumes

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    As COVID-19 pandemic efforts continue, some normalcy is coming back. The local recycling program in Drumheller has returned albeit with a few exceptions.
  As of May 2, the recycling program at the Drumheller landfill has resumed. Recycling was suspended early in the pandemic efforts. At this point recycling bins have been returned to the transfer stations of the members of the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association (DDSWMA).         In Drumheller recycling drop off is being provided at the landfill.
    Residents can drop their cardboard, newsprint, tin, hard plastic, and bond paper. The local community bins have not yet been installed.
 Tammi Nygaard of DDSWMA says they are taking precautions. The bins are sanitized and when dropping off, residents are asked to observe physical distancing.
    “It is a different process for us as we have to hold it for three days before we process it just to make sure there are no active virus on anything,” said Nygaard.
    She says the market for recyclable goods is very strong right now.
    “The markets are screaming for it. This pandemic globally has hit them hard, first of all, because a lot of commercial businesses are not open, so they are not bringing in all their goods and restaurants are not operating, so the commercial side has declined, but the residential side has just boomed because people are buying more online and everything is coming in boxes.”
    “When you talk to the mills and the brokers they are telling us to not stop (the recycling programs), they need the cardboard right now, it is $209 a ton,” she said. “All of this packaging is really necessary for medical supplies, food supplies.”
    She adds, local recycling often does well on the market because Drumheller and its partners provide a  sorted clean product.
       For more information contact the DDSWMA at 403-823-1345.

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