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Greentree students learn new skills at Club Day

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    Greentree School students are being given the opportunity to direct their education towards their interests at the school’s Club Day.
    Associate Principal Adam Pirie tells the Mail, that typical once a month the entire student body participates in Club Day.
     “All our teachers stop our curriculum teaching for the day and we have an hour where students go to various teachers and they teach a club of their interest,” said Pirie. “We basically offer everything from nail painting to dance, soccer and even coding. Our kids get really excited and the teachers get really excited.”
    The whole school participates in these sessions and the students sign up for their area of interest for half the year at a time.
“So if they are interested in coding, they can do computer coding for half a year and then they might choose something different. It is kind of neat students can develop skills in these areas, that maybe when we are focused on our more traditional school disciplines like numeracy and literacy, we just don’t have the opportunity to,” he said.
    He adds the students really get into it.  
    “There is great engagement, but it also enriches our curriculum just by allowing us to offer some things that maybe we don’t touch on when we talk about structured core curriculum,” said Pirie. “It is all about us being able to offer a great deal of options and things that kids can develop skills from.”
    Pirie says it also allows the students to apply the skills from the core curriculum.
    “We have some where students are getting together and reading or writing. It might be literacy and numeracy now, but they are doing it towards something with a purpose they are excited about.”

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