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Last updateWed, 27 Oct 2021 9am

Morrin arena fundraising surpasses $65,000 target

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    The Morrin Agriculture Society has officially raised enough funds for a new ice plant header.
    The Mail reported last December the header for the arena was close to failing, ultimately costing the society at least $50,000 for a replacement. Their quick thinking has paid off as almost $77,000 has been raised.
    “Basically what we are doing is we have enough money to replace the header and then of course the other things that we need to replace is upgrading the lighting system because that’s outdated and we have to repair the roof,” explained Kendra Sommerville, treasurer of the Morrin Agriculture Society. “Whatever is left over from those after replacing the header will be used to help upgrade the other items in the building.”
    An artificial ice plant consists of a primary and a secondary refrigerant. The primary refrigerant is usually Ammonia or Freon. The primary refrigerant cools the secondary refrigerant, usually a brine solution of calcium chloride and water. The primary refrigerant stays in the compressor room and the secondary refrigerant (brine) is circulated underneath the arena floor cooling the ice.
    The headers act as a manifold to deliver cold brine under the arena slab and return it back to the compressor room to be cooled once again by the primary refrigerant.
    A rubber membrane will be installed on the top of the roof to prevent further water damage from leaks and the lighting system will be replaced with an up-to-date system for better visibility.
    Donations are pouring in for a new donation wall which will showcase all the donors with farm themed plaques.
    “We decided we are not going to put up the donation wall while it’s being used so this spring and summer we are going to have it finally assembled and then we are hoping to have a revealing in September,” said Sommerville.
    A mural representing the farm theme will be painted by either a Morrin School student or any willing and dedicated volunteer.
    Drumheller Metal Works will be creating the donor plaques. People or individual businesses with amounts as low as $250 up to as high as $5,000 or more will receive one of these customized plaques.
    “We are still accepting donations, this donation wall is going to be an ongoing process because we will need to do the lighting and the roof so there is those kinds of things that need to get done,” said Sommerville. “Unfortunately the government has cut funding to the grants that you can apply for so that’s why we have to rely on the community.”
    Sommerville is happy to live in a strong community such as Morrin.
    “I’m very grateful for the support of the community,” said Sommerville. “I’m just so happy about how this community is around us.”

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