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Last updateMon, 24 Sep 2018 4pm

New Morrin Council foresees busy term


    The new Morrin Village Council is hitting the ground running taking on a number of initiatives as it begins its four-year term.
    The October 2017 municipal election saw a new slate of councillors. Howard Helton is Mayor, M’Liss Edwards is Deputy Mayor and Bob Graham is Councillor.
    “2018 will bring a busy time for Morrin Council as we work on a full slate of projects, going forward we will prioritize these projects that we have developed as our strategic planning goals to work on during our four-year mandate,” said Mayor Helton.
One of its priorities is improving communications and the key to this is a website.  Plans are that this will provide a newsletter, meeting minutes, project plans and bylaws.
    “Our hope is to provide more access for the residents to the activities of their local municipality,” he said.
    One major project in the community is the development of the CNR land purchased by Starland County. This is adjacent to Railway Avenue on the east. He is hopeful this development will include an industrial area as well as residential and green spaces. They hope they may be able to attract a gas station/convenience store to help revitalize Main Street. They are working to formulate a plan to attract buyers for the vacant lots in the village.
    He says infrastructure is a large part of the village’s vitality.
“We hope to be able to make some improvements in paving, sidewalks and general cleanup of the village with respect to empty lots on Main Street,” said Helton. “The Village’s centennial will be celebrated as Homecoming 2020 and we are hoping to accomplish a number of projects for that milestone event.”
He adds that some upgrades are contemplated to coincide with services that will be required for the Starland County project.