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Last updateThu, 16 Aug 2018 9am

Town council busy with budget deliberations

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Drumheller Town Councillors had their noses to the grindstone, hammering out the 2018 tax supported Operational Budget.
    This comes after a second marathon budget meeting on Wednesday, January 31. Mayor Heather Colberg says that council has reviewed the draft budget, but there will still be a few more tweaks before it is brought back to pass. At their next budget meeting, they are going to also begin their review of the Capital Budget.
    “At our February 21 meeting we are hoping to finish it all,” said Colberg. “There are some questions we are waiting on for the operational budget. It has been a marathon. I figure we have another four-hour session coming.”
    The budget meetings are open to the public and have also been streamed on the Town’s Youtube channel. She says when the budget is complete, they will be taking it to the public before passing the document.
    At this point, she cannot project the tax implications of the operational budget as it is still a working document.
     “We are trying to get it as balanced as we can,” she said, adding so far, she does not anticipate new major expenditures.
    “There is nothing wild or crazy, we just want to keep it as tight as we can,” she said. “There is not a lot of room and you don’t want to go and make any increases either.”

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