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Last updateWed, 17 Oct 2018 3pm

Aquaplex on path towards opening

Aquaplex march 2014

Now with more than a month of delay, the town is hopeful there is an end in sight for the Aquaplex renovations.
     The Aquaplex was slated to open November 1, however, this date was moved back to November 16. As that date neared, staff noticed a loss of water and staff worked to identify the issues.
    Director of Community Services Paul Salvatore says they have been working through the issues.
    “We are making good progress on a couple of deficiencies at the Aquaplex, while we can’t commit to any timeline at this point, we expect we will have an update (soon),” said Salvatore.
    He explains the issue with the loss of water has been rectified, however, there are other deficiencies. There is also the process of making sure the project meets all the regulations, standards and codes.
    “There were a number of things that came up after inspections, so we are just dealing with those,” said Salvatore.
    “This is like a brand new pool and it is being evaluated on that basis as well.     
    We will have to adopt all the new standards, and all around everything will be a higher level of quality.”
    He said that the town is making accommodations for residents that have purchased a membership.
    “When we announced that we were going to be opening on the original opening date, we committed to extending an “Aquaplex only” holders by the number of days we were closed,” he explains. “If people are “multi-pass” holders, then we extend the value of their pass by 30 per cent of the total number of days. That is in a direct relationship between the incremental cost of the multi-pass versus the single pass. Basically, if you paid for a multi-pass, you paid 30 per cent more to make it from a single to a multi-pass.”
    “People are still encouraged to use the BCF in the meantime, we are excited and definitely want to see the pool opening as quickly as possible.”