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Who Are You? Amelia So

who-are-you-amelia-so.jpgAge: 23
Employer: Meyers Norris Penny
Job title: Accountant
Where are you from? Vancouver
Hobbies and interests? I like shopping, folding origami, and cooking.
Dreams or goals? Get my Chartered Accountant license, have a dream house on the beach.
Favourite food? Chocolate ice cream and rice.
Favourite music? Maroon 5, all kinds of music like pop and classical.
Favourite movie? The Back to the Future series, Gone with the Wind, the Sound of Music. I’m so back to the ‘80’s.
What’s a good book you’ve recently read? The Mayor of Casterbridge.
Where in the world would you like to travel? All around the world, but in particular, Paris and London.
Who would you like to meet, dead or alive? My ancient ancestors, to tell them what their future is going to be.
Dream car? I’m not into cars so much, but an SUV.
Words to live by? If you have something to do, do it today, for if you enjoy it you can always do it again tomorrow. It means don’t procrastinate.
Favourite quote? “I think that’s cool”, I say that a lot.