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Who Are You? - Melissa Rideout

Melissa Rideout
Age: 22  melissaˍrideout.jpg

From: Edson, Alberta

Job Title: Pro shop assistant

Employer: Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club
Favorite book or author: Danielle Steel is my favorite author and my favorite book of her book Reflections.
Favorite Flower: Cala Lily
Favorite Food: Perogies
What is your number one pet peeve: When people say Shed-ule not Schedule
Favorite movie: The Notebook
Favorite TV show: Simpsons
Dogs or Cats: Both
If you had a million dollars you would: Go on a shopping spree and pay for my wedding
If you could go back to any time period you would go to? Early sixties. I love the old farmers trucks. I want it to be my Just Married mobile.
What do you like to do on your time off? I like to camp and hang out with my fiance. I am also a hairstylist on the side and manage a hair salon in Airdrie.