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Who Are You? - Jason Blank

Jason Blank
Age: 27

jasonˍblank.jpgFrom: Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Job Title: Member service representative and announcer for the Drumheller Dragons
Employer: Credit Union
Favorite NHL hockey team: Calgary Flames
All time favorite NHL hockey player: Joe Sackic
If all your CDs were destroyed in a fire except for one, what CD would you want to keep? Collective Soul the blue album
Whats your favourite TV Show? Corner Gas
Whats your favourite movie? Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind
Favorite Book or Author? John Grisham The Rainmaker
If I had a million dollars I would... Buy a hockey team
Would you be a groupie, drummer, lead singer, or manger of ACDC? Drummer
Favourite Vegetable? Potato
Biggest role model? Peter Marr
If you could go back to any time period where would you go? 50s and 60s. Thats when cars and music really started to get cool