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Who Are You? - Rory Woroniuk


Name: Rory Woroniuk

Age: 28

Hometown: Wynyard, Saskatchewan

Job Title: Grade 5/6 teacher.

Employer: Greentree School.

Favourite thing about Drumheller? The kids I teach.

Least favourite thing? Cactus in my lawn when I mow.

Desert island disc: Eric Clapton’s Greatest Hits

Favourite author: Anthony Bourdain (of the No Reservations cooking show).

Favourite movie: The Longest Day.

If I had a million dollars I would... give each of my family members $5,000 and tell them to never ask for money again, and then I would give a big donation to Habitat for Humanity.

What is the greatest gift someone has ever given you? The 2007 Grey Cup going to the Riders.

Dream vacation? Iceland, because no one ever says they have been to Iceland.

In three year I want to … have travelled to Romania to complete another Habitat for Humanity project.