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Who Are You? - Andrew Boe

andrew-boe.jpgAge: 21
From: Drumheller
Place of Employement: Homestead Antique Museum
Job: Summer student
Current School: Augustana University majoring in art with a music minor
Favourite song: Mozart’s Requiem
Favourite TV Show: Heroes
Favourite musician: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
If you could describe yourself in one word it would be? Artistic
Coolest place you have ever been: Italy because there is a lot of art work there, and I am also really into greek mythology which is a good place to be for that.
Favourite Greek God: Zeus, he probably had the most interesting stories
Favourite art work: The Sistine Chapel was amazing, the detail was incredible and there was art work all over the sides of the room, the roof, everywhere.
Favourite Childhood Memory: My first day of school
If you won a million dollars you would? Be able to afford to get into animation
Dreams or goals? Eventually start my own animation company
If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing with you, it would be? A Knife
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Japan, I love their artist style, their animation, and their culture.
If you could have dinner with one person in history who would it be? Michelangelo