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Roller Derby team holds open house

Hellraisers team

    The Badlands Hellraisers Roller Derby team hosted an open house to recruit more members from the area.
    The event was held at the Drumheller Ag Society Stampede Barn on Thursday, February 15, where three potential members checked out the unique sport.
    “It turned out pretty good,” said captain Joanne Manning. “We had a few potential Hellraisers that showed up, they all did pretty good for their first night.”
    The team is open to women of ‘any shape or size’ and allows each individual to challenge themselves as well as others in a constructive manner.
    “I would recommend it because it’s a very positive sport like we challenge each other to be the best that we can be kind of thing and it’s turned right into lifestyle as to how healthy a person wants to be or how strong,” said Manning. “It takes a lot of physical strength to play Derby too and it’s a nice little community in and of itself.”
    A second round of open houses will happen on this upcoming Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for anyone who is interested.
    “If people do choose to come, all they have to make sure to bring is a mouth guard,” said Manning. “Everything else for that night we will supply, we’ve got lots of girls with lots of different sizes and everybody that showed up before managed to put them in to skates and gear and helmets.”
    In the beginning, at least 20 people would show up to see what roller derby was all about but with their last meeting that number has dwindled to three.
    “I mean we also do the fresh meat event every six months or so, so we don’t expect 20 people to show up every time and out of those 20 that showed up last year, there was only five of us that stayed with it. The ladies who showed up last night sound like they’re all really interested so we could come up with having three new players on our team,” said Manning.
    Basics like blocking, breaking through that blocking, and skating and footwork drills are what is taught throughout the open house.
    The team does not have a permanent location to host games and practices at the moment so travelling is a necessity.
    “We travel right to Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, up to Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and we’ve even gone into Kindersley,” said Manning. “We kind of go all over and then we get invited for tournaments and so on.”
    The team currently consists of 15 rostered players but can reach up to 25 as those extra women are working towards benchmark goals before participating in team practices and games. Manning said people who have experience in hockey or rollerblading itself tend to pick up the sport quicker.
    “There is a couple different stages and everybody goes through their stages at different levels,” Manning explained. “We’ve had it where some people come into the group and they don’t know how to roller skate at all so then we go right through teaching them how to start and stop and how to fall and how to not break any bones.”
    A new space would potentially increase revenue for the valley’s economy according to Manning.
    “It would be nice if we had a rink all to ourselves so we could host more home games and bring people into the community because with Derby being such a little community in and of itself it would be awesome for our businesses here in town by bringing people in,” said Manning. “Future goals with fingers crossed.”

Dynos win home tourney

JV Dynos

    The DVSS Junior Varsity girl’s basketball team struck gold at their home tournament Saturday.
    The Dynos hosted the tournament on February 17 and went undefeated.
    The Dynos played Eagle Butte in their semifinal and won easily 55-33. They went on to the final to face Brooks Composite and won 64-41.
    Coach Jeff Messom said the team played fast unselfish basketball.
    “The team moved the ball really well and ran the Floor,” said Messom.
    The team is in the final stretch of their season. On March 5, they will be in Three Hills for exhibition play, and then the team is hosting Zones on Marcah 9 and 10.

Local athletes head to Alberta Winter Games

RockyfordStandard AWG
    Four individuals will be a part of the Alberta winter games in Fort McMurray come February 16.
    The weekend event features an array of sports for athletes to compete. This includes archery, speed skating, snowboarding, squash, synchronized swimming, volleyball, wrestling, ringette, hockey, freestyle skiing, fencing, curling, cross country skiing, biathlon, badminton, and gymnastics.
    Hailey Kenney of Rockyford area and Madison Wheeler of Standard will be playing on the girls ringette team. The 16 - csyear - old’s are extremely excited to be attending this year’s games.
    “I look forward to mostly playing with my friends, especially since they are coming to the winter games so it makes it more fun,” said Wheeler.
    Wheeler is a forward and currently plays on the Rockyford U19A Big Country team and attends Wheatland Crossing School. She has been playing since she was five with 11 years experience playing ringette.
    This is Kenney’s second Alberta Winter Games as she also participated in Medicine Hat 2016 Winter Games with the Zone 2 team. They placed fourth that year. She plays defence and also plays on the Rockyford U19A Big Country team and attends Wheatland Crossing School.  She has played ringette since she was four years old with now 12 years experience in the sport.
    “It’s really cool because the last time I went, we were representing people from our zone,” said Kenney. “Definitely [looking forward to] getting more skill and experience because it is very high skill from the highest competition so I’m definitely working my hardest to try and get gold.”
    Tryouts began last December in Indus, Airdrie, and Chestermere. Each player was required to attend all three as each had different components that were focused on.
    “The one was all skill and then there’s half skill, half play-time, and then one is just full playing time,” explained Wheeler.
    The eight zones compete against each other to win.
“The top two out of each pool play off and then the winners get to go to the gold medal game and the losers get to go to the bronze medal game,” explained Kenney.
    Drumheller resident Brian Curran is acting as mentor for the male hockey team and 12-year-old Chase Walker of Byemoor will be one of the hockey players under Curran’s wing.
    The winter games are expected to run from Friday, February 16 to Monday, February 19.

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