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Lomond wins Carbon by-election

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Carbon is welcoming a new councillor this week to their chambers after Michelle Lomond was elected over Thomas Laffin in the village by-election on Tuesday, June 5. Lomond was elected with 70 votes to Laffin’s 16. 

Lomond, a village resident since 2007 and originally from Newfoundland, said she is excited to be a part of an administration full of fresh newcomers to politics like herself. 

“We have fresh new ideas, new perspectives, new people,” said Lomond. “I’m hoping that it will help benefit our little village.” 

Village CAO Vanessa Van der Meer said she will be fantastic addition to the council team.

“We are all learning from scratch so everybody will be on the same page. Our different personalities will shed insight on how the village of Carbon will grow,” she said. 

Lomond said she brings leadership skills and a new perspective with her current . experience of working for DARTS, but she entered the political field out of simple interest in the on-goings of her community. 

“I started attending council meetings and became interested in the process and what was happening in our village,” she said. 

Lane reduction on Highway 837 due to slides

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Alberta Transportation had reduced travel to one lane along Highway 837 this spring as the troublesome hill along the scenic drive continues to tumble.
  The Mail reported in December of last year that Alberta Transportation brought in a geotechnical consultant to look at the hill when it was tumbling last winter. This spring, the road was blocked by the sliding hill.  Craig Siewert, operations manager for Alberta Transportation says they are giving the hill space to move.
    “They did do the engineering work and it came back to the same answer. This is going to be a periodic nagging slide and just keep going with what we are doing,” said Siewert.
    This spring the hill continued its downward travel. “There was quite a bit of material, so what we did is close the lane closest to the hill and put Jersey (concrete) barriers half into that lane and then left the material in the ditch so we can go in with a loader and clean out as needed,” he said. “This is obviously better for the travelling public because we don’t have the debris on the road periodically”.
     They have also erected temporary signals, like those during bridge construction, to control the traffic.
    He says the plan is that as soon as the hill stops sliding, and the hill stabilizes, they will reopen the road to regular traffic flow.
    “June is our rainy month, and moisture drives the sliding, so we will see how this month goes,” said Siewert.
    They are continuing to monitor this hill for stability, and have employed new technology.
    “They had the drones out again last week looking up top and trying to find out what is going on a little bit more,” he said. “Drones are a lot safer than having people climb up those hills, it is the same with bridges.”

Special Awards presented to students of the DVSS Class of 2018

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The Alex Semaka Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the student-driven by the spirit of completion and emulation, to strive for success and excellence and entering a faculty of education. The Award was presented by Mrs. Shannon Palomaki to Evelyn Stanger.

IMG 2845
The Anderson Drugs/Freson Bros. Pharmacy Award is given to the student who has been a good student at DVSS and will be attending a science program in university. Mr. Darryl Jacques presented the Award to Dawood Ali.

IMG 2846
The Rotary High Academic/Citizenship Award is given to a student who has achieved a high academic standing and who have participated in school and community activities. It was presented by Mr. Ken Briault to Eden Hilchey.

IMG 2847
The DVSS International Award is presented to a student who has been the most dedicated to the International Program at DVSS. The award was presented by Mrs. Koren McDougald to Daniel Fawibe.

IMG 2849
The ATA Teaching Scholarship is given to the student who is accepted into a recognized college or university into the Faculty of Education. The awards were presented by Mr. Don Ewing to Olivia Candy, Allie Denton, Jared Duncalf, Wyatt Gray, Kearra Landon and Evelyn Stanger.

IMG 2850

Drumheller Minor Hockey believes that hockey is an important community program that develops many skills and attitudes in young people that will help carry them into their future lives. The Drumheller Minor Hockey Award was presented by Mrs. Wendy Nail to Connor Smith.

IMG 2851
The DVSS Spirit Award, sponsored by Century 21 Power Realty, is awarded to the student that demonstrates all qualities and characteristics that made DVSS a better place for everyone. The award was presented by Mrs. Kim Suntjens to Evelyn Stanger.

IMG 2852
The Clark/Clozza Law Award is presented to a candidate that has expressed an interest in becoming a lawyer and must have been accepted by a Canadian university to commence studies in the fall term immediately following his/her graduation from Grade 12. The award was presented by Ms. Sharon Clark to Tyler Hummel.

IMG 2853
The Drumheller Regional Health Complex—Ladies Auxiliary Nursing Award is given to the student who has applied and been accepted to a School of Nursing. The award was presented by Ms. Sheila Nill to Gillian Carey, Mikaela Koustrup, Hayven Tucker, Anna McGillivray and Taylor Gough.

IMG 2848
The Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce Business Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship is awarded to a graduating DVSS Student enrolled in a post-secondary program in business management. The award was presented by Ms. Cindy Clark to Brady Engen.

IMG 2855
The Drumheller Family Scholarship is presented to a student who has achieved scholastic excellence and/or is pursuing studies in classical music or medicine, contributed to leadership in the community, is caring and helpful to others, and shows personal integrity and values. The award was presented by Ms. Patty Ralrick to Mikaela Koustrup.

IMG 2857
The Drumheller Lions Memorial Award is presented to the “Good All-Round” student in either academic or vocational programs. The award was presented by Ms. Kat Mundorf to Kearra Landon.

IMG 2858
The McDonald’s Youth Leadership Award is presented to a student that has shown strong leadership and initiative at school and in the community. The award was presented by Mr. Greg Manca to Emma Spetz.

IMG 2859
The R. Neuman Theatre/Musical Theatre Award is presented to a graduating student who has shown outstanding representation to the theatre program at DVSS, by participating in a major theatre or musical theatre production(s) staged by the school. The award was presented by Mrs. Becky Neuman to Karyna Ainscough.

IMG 2861
The Home Town Realty Peter van der Heyden Memorial Scholarship is presented to the student who has shown community involvement, is well rounded and compassionate towards others. Mrs. Arlene van der Heyden presented the award to Jared Duncalf.

IMG 2862
The DVSS Leadership Award is given to a DVSS student who has shown leadership in the current school year. The award was presented by Mrs. Kim Suntjens to Emma Spetz.

IMG 2863
The Royal Tyrrell Museum High Science Award is presented to the student who has the highest science average based on a minimum of two 30 level science courses. The award was presented by Ms. Patty Ralrick to Olivia Candy.

IMG 2864
The Jacor Marketing award is given to the student who best exemplifies student equality by taking measures to prevent bullying and promotes inclusion within the student body. Mr. Jason Rasmussen presented the award to Evelyn Stanger.

IMG 2865
The Schumacher, Gough & Company Award is given to the student who excels in both athletic ability and academic achievement. The award was presented by Mr. Harry Gough to Tanner Boutin.

IMG 2866
The Total Control Security Inc. Bursary is given to a student most likely to succeed in a trades field based on aptitude and academic achievement. Mrs. Kim Suntjens presents the award to Jackson Sunstrum.

IMG 2867
The Sil-Con International Program Student Liaison Award is presented to a Drumheller and area student who did the most to help International Students succeed and feel welcome at DVSS and in the community. Mr. Roger Hamm presented the award to Noah Elliott.

IMG 2868
The Stella Sikora Academic award is given to a student who is attending University. Community involvement is considered. Mrs. Lodja Sloan and Mr. Stan Sikora presented the award to Mikaela Koustrup.

IMG 2869
The TKD Catering Bursary is in recognition of an international student that has an outgoing, positive personality, and has been an ambassador for the DVSS International Program, and has contributed to the cafeteria. Mr. Curtis LaPierre presented the award to Delvin Chan.

IMG 2870
Merit Contractors Association Career and Technology Studies Award is presented to a student who has achieved top standing in a Grade 12 construction related course and has demonstrated a high interest, leadership qualities and a co-operative attitude towards fellow students and teachers. Mr. Roger Hamm presented the award to Evan Flater and Tanner Pickles.

IMG 2872

The O'Shea's Menu Contest Scholarship is awarded to the students who participated and won the O'Shea's and DVSS menu contest in April 2018. Students were marked on presentation of the item, the number of times sold for the month-long contest and guest feedback on their dishes. Mrs. Heather Jones presented the award to Samuel Tyson.

IMG 2873
The Drumheller Chiropractic Centre Science Scholarship Award is for a student who has been accepted to a post-secondary education program in Health Sciences. A passion for further education and pursuing a career in Health Sciences. The award was presented by Mrs. Angie Gill to Nicole Watson.

IMG 2874
The Drumheller Kinsmen Community Service Award is for a graduating Canadian student who is going to university in the fall and has been highly involved in the volunteer endeavors of the community. The award was presented by Mrs. Wendy Olson to Karyna Ainscough.

IMG 2875
In order to qualify for the Freemasons of Drumheller Bursary in Memory of Lorraine M. Hunter, a student must go on to post-secondary education, be a good all-around student, and must have demonstrated leadership in the community and/or school. In addition, the student must have completed high school in three years, all at DVSS. The bursary was presented by Mr. Bill Hunter to Allie Denton.

IMG 2876
The Sigit Automation, Corbett Schaffer Scholarship is for a student going into electrical RAP or instrumentation study. Proof of acceptance into the institution is required and the student cannot be receiving any other scholarships. The award was presented by Mr. Jeff Sharpe to Connor Smith.

IMG 2877
The Kelley Hamelin Bursary is awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated a love for life, determination, and caring attitude and will be pursuing further education. The award was presented by Mr. Rusty Hamelin to Kira Suntjens.

IMG 2878
The Class of 64 Memorial Award is presented to a student who has been active in the school and community, and who will be attending post-secondary. Mrs. Margret Cousins presented the award to Karyna Ainscough.

IMG 2879
The Top Waste Scholarship is presented to a student who is completing Grade 12 and has shown a high interest in the field of mechanics or welding, has shown a positive attitude, cooperative towards fellow classmates and to teachers. The award was presented by Mr. Roger Hamm to Eric Jensen.

IMG 2880
The Mitchell Dawson Memorial Scholarship is presented to a student who is helpful, good attitude, kind and respectful to other students and staff, positive contributor to school culture, always willing to assist others in need. The award is presented by Ms. Shauna Johnson to Simon LaPierre.

IMG 2881
International Student Community Involvement Award is for the International student who has been a good student at DVSS and was involved in school and community activities and/or has volunteered with youth. It was presented by Mrs. Carmen Spitzer to Olisehemeka Chukwuma.

IMG 2882
The Most Improved Student is presented by Westview Co-op. This award is for the student who in attitude, grade, and sportsmanship, showed the greatest improvement since beginning high school (Grade 10). Mr. Rusty Hamelin presents the award to Zachary Suntjens.

IMG 2883
The Peterson Auto Body RAP Bursary is in support of a student interested in pursuing a trade. The students must have completed at least 15 credits, been a positive asset to the business that employed them, and recommended by DVSS administration. The award is presented by Mrs. Carmen Spitzer to Decklin Christensen.

IMG 2884
The Barb Van der Ryse Drama Award Kaleidoscope Community Theatre Scholarship is given to a student who has shown interest and commitment in either Acting/Performing or in the backstage and technical areas and has done so by being involved in at least 3 major productions. Mrs. Becky Neuman presents the award to Evelyn Stanger.

IMG 2886
The Drumheller Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do School Award is given the student who has successfully completed grade 12, has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has consistently demonstration the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do integrity, respect, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit. The award is presented by Mr. Curtis LaPierre to Eric Jensen and Simon LaPierre.

IMG 2889
The Excellence in Education Award, sponsored by The Drumheller Mail Ltd. is presented to the graduating class Valedictorian in recognition of the student who strove for excellence in education. Mr. Patrick Kolafa presents the award to Olivia Candy.

IMG 2892
The Governor General's Academic Medal is awarded only for academic excellence in bronze, at the secondary school level. It is for the student who achieved the highest academic standing in the final year of high school, based on the first and second semester report marks. The award is presented by the Honorable Kevin Sorenson to Olivia Candy.

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