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Storm delay for slo-pitch tournament?

Storm delay for slo-pitch tournament?

Ryan Jarrett receives a high five from a team mate as he rounds third base after hitting a home run in the Jays and Bad News Beers slo-pitch game in Newcastle.

Bad weather could delay the start of this weekend's slo-pitch tournament at the Newcastle Diamonds.

Organizer Meredy Milke said they'll play through the rain, but not thunder and lightening, so Friday's games may have to be pushed to Saturday. Environment Canada reports a risk of severe thunderstorms in Drumheller and area starting Friday afternoon continuing into the evening.

21 teams are entered in this year's tournament, with teams guaranteed four games in the round-robin style tournament. Teams receive a $25 payout per win.

Each team also nominates their Most Valuable Player for the year.

The tournament is scheduled through to Sunday.


Former Titans attract attention from across Canada

Former Titans attract attention from across Canada

(l-r) Travis Dietrich and Gage Berdahl pose before game two against the Kamloops Broncos at Exhibition Stadium in Chilliwack.

    Selected Titans football players have excelled in their sport, gaining a considerable amount of attention from the Canadian Junior Football League.
    Local graduates from St. Anthony’s and Drumheller Valley Secondary School, Travis Dietrich, Alan Lister, and Gage Berdahl are pursuing their passion, and doing it successfully.
    Ron LaPrise coached all three boys through their provincial championship games with the Titans and knows their individual skill levels.
    “I’ve seen these boys through for three years: grade 10, 11, and 12,” LaPrise says. “They will be huge impact players for their teams. I have no doubt that these boys will be able to go onto university level after they upgrade.”
    While Lister stayed close to home with the Calgary Colts, Dietrich and Berdahl took their abilities to British Columbia, to play for the Chilliwack Huskers.
    The road ahead seemed intimidating, yet all three overlooked the challenges in order to go forward in their sport.
    Despite having to leave his family and friends behind in Drumheller, going into the Huskers try-outs in May, Berdahl had already made up his mind. When offered the opportunity to be a part of the team as a starting receiver, Berdahl was prepared.
    “Being so far away from home by yourself can be a scary thing but with the team,  it’s like a second family. It’s my first year playing junior football so there’s usually a transition period to adjusting to the faster pace, especially playing against [guys who are as old as] 21 years old, but that doesn’t mean I’m not expecting big things from myself in my rookie year.” Berdahl explains, “I have the opportunity to contribute to the team very early and the coaches believe in my abilities to compete.”
    Dietrich, working alongside Berdahl as a defensive lineman, has the same kind of opportunity playing for the Huskers.
    “I hope being on this team helps me pursue my football career,” Dietrich says.
    Lister’s main focus for his experience with the Calgary Colts is to learn how to completely utilize his skills as a defensive linebacker, and use that as a stepping stone into higher level football.
    “I expect to gain experience at the next level that will bet ter myself and hopefully carry me to play at university level in the future,” Lister says.
    As all three players continue on with their passion, each hopes to gain more insight into the game in order to better their individual selves and, ultimately, their team roles.


Local junior golf tournament set for August

`Local junior golf tournament set for August

The Junior Open golf tournament at Dinosaur Trail Golf and Country Club is set for August, and the club is eyeing a day toward or at the end of the month.
    Director of Golf Jamie Scott said they’re looking for players 18 and under, no matter your golf skill level, to take part in the tournament. The club is also asking for volunteers to assist in shuttling kids to play the back nine.
    The 18 hole tournament is for youth ages 15 to 18, and the 9 hole tournament is for kids 14 and under.
    Thirteen year-old Tyler Hummel is signed up to take part in  the tournament, which will be his first.
    Hummel said he's really looking forward to playing in the tournament, especially after an injury cut short his golf season last year.
    The same day he got his first chip in ever at Cypress Hills, a van ran over one of his feet.
    He said he’s healed up now and is having a busy summer,  which includes working at the Dinosaur Trail Golf and County Club.
    His golf season has been made even better by some personal bests on Dinosaur Trail course.
    “I got my best score of the year on the first nine,” said Hummel, who tells us he also drove 260 yards on a hole there this year and recently sank a 20-foot birdie putt in Acme.
    He said Dinosaur Trail is his favourite course to golf -  one of the reasons is in becoming more familiar with the course, he wants to keep working at improving his golf game.
    Hummel’s game development includes trying to play in a similar style to young American golfer Rickie Fowler.
    He likes the way Fowler plays and likes the colorful style in which Fowler dresses.
    Hummel encourages others, especially kids, to give golf a try.
    It’s hard to beat being on the open fairway “and just cranking it”, he said.
    “It’s a great sport to get into,” Hummel adds, “because if you golf at my age and keep going until you’re 18, you can be ten times the golfer.”