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Dragons win home opener, raise banner



Dragons win home opener, raise banner

The sounds of hundreds of orange cowbells rang out from the Drumheller Memorial Arena Friday night as the Drumheller Dragons played their first home game of the 2014-2015 regular season. The Dragons welcomed the Calgary Mustangs who played hard, but the home team took a 5-2 win, their second of the season.

The night began with the anticipation of the reveling and rising of the Dragons 2013-2014 South Division Champions banner. Over 750 fans watched and cheered as the banner was raised while they rang their bells.

Head Coach Brian Curran said he doesn’t feel any pressure because of the banner.

“I can separate two seasons. To me at the end of the day, we won the southern division championship, great, I am proud of our guys, our guys worked hard and the community was amazing with support, but we didn’t win the championship. Now I am more focused on getting to that stage.”

Game action got underway as the Mustangs opened the scoring two minutes and four seconds into the first period with a shorthanded goal from Zach McNeill. The Dragons came back two minutes and forty seconds later with a goal scored by Ethan James, his first of the season, with an assist from newly named captain Ryan Suchorab.

James said scoring the first home ice goal of the regular season felt “really good. I didn’t even realize it went off me. It was kind of a weird goal, shot from the point, I just got in front of the net and it bounced in.”

The Dragons second goal of the evening, his second of the season, was scored at the 10:58 mark by Mitchell Cook from Dakota Zaharichuk, but less than a minute later Dragons Hunter Mills scored his first of the season, a powerplay goal, from Wyatt Noskey, making the score 3-1. The Mustangs finished the first period scoring off at the 14:20 mark with a goal by Mason Mitchell from Phelan Shaw and Romano Morrison leaving the score at 3-2.

Curran said there was nervousness in the first.

“Just trying to get guys to relax. It is hard when you are playing a home opener and especially with the banner raising. I could see it, we were working, but we weren’t working enough.”

Second period action came less than a minute in when Dragons Zaharichuk scored his first goal of the season from Cook and Jarell Pinchuk. The fifth and final goal of the game, his first of the season, came from Dragons’ Suchorab at 8:28 of the second from Mills and Noskey. Curran said the second period was a turn around. “Some of those shifts there, 8-12 shifts were absolute domination. At the end of the day, I thought our power play was good. I find the mustangs are a good team. They play hard, but at the end of the day, they didn’t play quite hard enough.”

James said he thought the team played really well. “The second period I thought was really strong for us. First period we came out flying like it was a home opener, like we were all pumped and ready to go. I thought we played a good full 60 (minutes).”

Curran said he thought the atmosphere was “great. I think the fans enjoyed the game. A team like the Mustangs really work hard at getting their place and they are not backing down. I was happy with our performance tonight.” The Dragons next home game is Tuesday September 16 when they will face the Okotoks Oilers with a 7p.m. start at memorial arena.

Members approve credit unions merger

Members approve credit unions merger
    Members gave a resounding “yes” in favour of the amalgamation of Chinook Credit Union and First Calgary Financial.
    At special general meetings held earlier this week, Chinook Credit Union and First Calgary Financial members voted yes to the amalgamation that will see the two credit unions join operations into a new regionally-focused credit union.
    First Calgary Financial members voted on September 8, receiving 95% (280 votes) in favour of amalgamating and 5% (14 votes) not in favour.  Chinook Credit Union members voted on September 10, receiving 88% (166 votes) in favour of amalgamating and 12% (21 votes) not in favour.  The combined result was 91.5% in favour of amalgamating – which exceeded the two-thirds majority vote requirement.
    Pending regulatory approval, the two organizations will operate as divisions of Connect First Credit Union effective November 1, 2014, serving 100,000 members across 27 branches in 14 communities across Southern Alberta.
    “We’re thrilled with the overwhelming mandate given to us by our members,” says Ron Gibson, board chair of First Calgary Financial. “We’re excited about the possibilities to enhance our business and better serve our members.”
    “Both Chinook Credit Union and First Calgary Financial have a strong commitment to our communities where our employees and members live and work. We look forward to combining the expertise, local knowledge and experience of our teams to become even better for our members,” says board chair of Chinook Credit Union, Andrew Eberl.

Ukraine students learn about Drumheller

Ukraine students learn about Drumheller
When Mayor Terry Yemen was in The Ukraine to observe the election last spring, his translator was a university professor who taught second year English. He proposed a essay contest about  Drumheller for a small scholarship.
The following is the
winning essay
by Ann Mormil.

The Town of

    Every city or town of the world has a charm of its own. My native city, Lviv, isn’t only the capital of Western Ukraine. It is Ukraine’s most romantic city, full of little courtyards where couples can fall in love as they feel the ancient architecture.
    What is the town of Drumheller known for? Why should its citizens be proud of it? What architectural ‘treasures’ can be seen in the Drumheller Valley? My essay holds the key to all these questions and even more.
    In the heart of the Canadian Badlands in Southern Alberta the town full of spectacular sceneries, diverse facilities and startling contrasts has risen above. It is Drumheller that is commonly known as the Dinosaur Capital of the World!
    Joseph Tyrrell – a Canadian geologist and mining consultant was searching for coal deposits along the river, instead, he discovered dinosaur (Albertosaurus) bones. Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta was named in his honour. Dinosaurs are nature’s celebrities. Since my childhood I admired movies about them, a lot of my friends had dinosaur toys and were staging battles between plastic Tyrannosaurus – king of the tyrant dinosaurs – and a long-necked Apatosaurus model.  The Royal Tyrrell Museum houses the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs. It was set up in 1985. So, if you are a dinosaur fan, the museum is open for you around the clock.
    The zest of the town is the statue of the World’s Largest Dinosaur – Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex). You can climb the giant T-rex and admire the badlands from inside its mouth. Isn’t it breathtaking? By the way, the World’s Largest Dinosaur is actually a female dinosaur. She stands 86 feet tall and is 151 feet long. The statue is constructed almost entirely out of steel!
    However, the Drumheller Valley can brag about other gems. I was impressed by Drumheller’s Little Church that has six one-person pews and a pulpit. Never before have I seen such a tiny church! It was designed as a place of worship and mediation and not just as a tourist attraction.
    Over 400,000 people come to Drumheller each year! Drumheller is a great place to visit and even a better place to live. To be frank, I’m a little bit envious of those who live there. The area’s moderate climate, fresh air, recreational facilities, lower cost of living and relaxed atmosphere make for an excellent quality of life! Also, Drumheller offers excellent health facilities.
    Another tourist attraction of Drumheller is the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. I would like to visit one! The Passion Play takes you 2000 years back in time. It depicts the Passion of Jesus Christ performed annually in Drumheller, Alberta, and is staged outdoors in a naturally occurring amphitheatre in the hills of the Drumheller valley. I wish I could be there and see such a performance with about 300 actors and musicians.
    You’ve never seen anywhere oddly shaped rock-formations similar to petrified giants which stand up to 20 feet tall. At last you may see them in Drumheller! They’re known as Hoodoos. There’s a legend that they come alive at night to protect the land around them by hurling stones at intruders. If I saw them, I would run away. I’m really afraid of bizarre and magical things.
    All in all, Drumheller is the town worth visiting. Its citizens say: “Come visit for a day, and you could stay for a lifetime”. You’ll never find yourself bored there. This town inspired me so much that I decided to write a short poem. Please, don’t judge me harsh.

The town standing on the bank of Red Deer River,
The town where dinosaurs used to live,
The town of rolling fields and steep, dry coulees,
It will amaze you by its scenes where zest is,
It’s steeped in history, it has the flavor of its own,
It is Drumheller, the best in the entire world!