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Hanna RCMP executes search warrant, seizes drugs and weapons


    On October 5, 2016 at approximately 5 p.m., Hanna RCMP executed a search warrant on a residence in Hanna.
    The search resulted in the seizure of cannabis marijuana plants and marijuana being processed into cannabis resin, weapons and other property that is related to the offence.
    RCMP arrested and charged 41-year-old Andrew Robert Smith and 47-year-old Maryann McLearn of Hanna with production of marijuana, production of cannabis resin, two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.
    Andrew Robert Smith and Maryann McLearn appeared before a Justice of the Peace. Maryann McLearn was released and Andrew Robert Smith was remanded into custody.  Both accused are set to attend Provincial Court in Hanna on October 26, 2016.

If you have any information about this incident, please call the Hanna RCMP administration line at (403) 854-3393 or call your local police. If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), by internet at , or by SMS (check your local Crime Stoppers for instructions).cruiser copy 2

Businesses brace for minimum wage hike


    As of October 1, minimum wage in Alberta has gone from $11.20 to $12.20, making Alberta’s minimum wage one of the highest in Canada. The effect will vary for employees and locally owned businesses.
    Nataly Gincher, owner of Shopper’s Drug Mart, said, “I know there are a lot of people who feel that this is a good thing. It is a good thing for employees however it could affect quality of service in a negative way.”
    With a rising minimum wage, business owners have to find a way to make up the additional costs this will pose. That leaves big decisions for local businesses. Price increases on products or cutting employee’s hours have been the most effective way to make up these costs in the past.
    Ms. Gincher explained, “Businesses will need to cut costs somehow and usually that results in either raising prices or having fewer employees working at a time. Having fewer employees can result in longer lines at tills with fewer cashiers. Dirty public washrooms would happen because employees won’t have time to clean them. Cleanliness in general can suffer because there will be fewer people to help and every employee would be caring for customers all the time.”
    Places in the city like Cineplex Theatres are already seeing ripple effects. According to their website, there has already been an increase to the price of tickets of up to 51 cents a ticket. Only time will tell the direct impact minimum wage increases will have on the community of Drumheller.
    Minimum wage has been on the rise for the last decade. Since 2005 minimum wage has increased 10 times in Alberta, rising from $7 per hour to $12.20 per hour. According to the NDP’s proposed plan, October’s hike is the first of at least three raises.
    Christian Gray, Alberta’s Minister of Labour said, “We’re committed to bringing Alberta’s general minimum wage up to $15 per hour to give lower-income Albertans the ability to support their families.”

Travel Drumheller redefines goals

IMG 6031

    Travel Drumheller has come out of a year of strategizing and planning, ready for the upcoming tourism season.
    Travel Drumheller held its annual general meeting at the Badlands Community Facility, on Thursday, October 6.  Board member for Travel Drumheller, Carrie Ann Lunde, laid out the future vision of the destination marketing organization.
    “This year it was time to look critically at who we were and what our purpose was. This included making the decision to put an advertising campaign on hold until we had a strategic direction and visual identity in order to make the best use of dollars for effective marketing,” said Lunde.
    Part of the changes this year included developing a strategic plan with a new vision, employing a marketing agency to take the vision and develop a brand strategy, and develop a campaign for this coming year.
    This includes developing its social media strategy, updating its website and publishing its travel guide.
    To build this vision, Lunde explained the board sat down with Alberta Tourism and Culture and Tourism to discuss the purpose and vision of the group and develop specific goals.
    “For marketing, this meant developing a brand strategy awareness campaign, develop and execute a marketing plan and increase tourist engagement,” she said.
    From this, they developed the vision statement, “Drumheller is a sought-after tourism destination in Alberta,” and its mission is to “Promote Drumheller as a premier year-round destination through quality marketing and stakeholder engagement.”
    Board chair Dan Sullivan said the initial years of Travel Drumheller have been challenging.
    “I want to recognize a very committed board of directors, many who have been part of this project right from the beginning, who faced any challenge that was thrown at us head on, and systematically worked through everything that was thrown in their direction,” he said. “This group has never really lost sight of the vision we all have for making Drumheller an iconic tourism destination in Alberta, further than that, in Canada. Drumheller is not just on the radar in Alberta, it’s really on the Canadian radar with two high quality historic sites in the areas and the unique nature of who we are.”
     He said the struggles of Travel Drumheller gave them the opportunity to take control of its destiny.
    “What we are accomplishing is going to show a great dividend down the road,” he said.
    There were three board directors elected at the meeting. Cindie Hughes of Quality Hotel returned to the board and Barb Steeves of the East Coulee School Museum and Jay Russell of the Atlas Coal Mine are new directors. 

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