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Greentree School Choir receives music grant


The gap between Drumheller’s youth and senior citizens is soon to be joined together by music. Choir Leader of Greentree Elementary School, Alex Chung, was presented a cheque from the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation (CEPF) to support his “Singing for Seniors” project. 

The idea came to  Chung when he wanted some audience rehearsal time before the Drumheller Music Festival Competition. The children performing for the seniors will enhance a continuing connection between the Sunshine Lodge residents and the student choir. 

President and CEO of the Calgary Educational Partnership, Din Ladak supports the pairing.

“Music is a universal connection and transcends generations. The Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation is very excited to support this project at Greentree School,” stated Ladak.

The money received from the CEPF will allow the Division 2 choir of Greentree Elementary School  to make frequent visits to Sunshine Lodge, as well as purchase resources. 

In addition to the Division 2 choir, Greentree Elementary School also offers a Division 1 choir, a ukulele club and a recorder club led by dedicated staff. 

The members of Greentree School choir have shown a great interest in performing for seniors. In the press release, Drumheller students stated they are happy that what they love to do is having an impact in the school and the Drumheller community.

A future endeavor the school has planned is a joint field trip between the residents of Sunshine Lodge and Greentree School choir members to see a musical performance together. 

The funds from the grant will also go towards the trip. 

DVSS and NorQuest College partner to shape students for the future



Drumheller Valley Secondary School is soon to embark on a new venture that will benefit students and adults alike.
A meeting was held on Monday, April 25, to discuss a new program for students wishing to go into the medical field of study. NorQuest College is partnering with Drumheller Valley Secondary School, Campus Alberta and Alberta Health Services to create a program for students to complete a college certificate as well as, earn high school credits.
 Principal of Drumheller Valley Secondary School, Curtis Lapierre comments, “DVSS is progressive in finding opportunities for students to engage and succeed. It is our first venture in a dual credit program. The students will receive a college certificate as  a heath care aide, as well as, 25 high school credits.”
There is a selective process in choosing which students are to be placed in the program. The students are required to submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference. After this, each student will be subjected to an interview to determine if they are a strong candidate. There is a $750 charge to attend this program, which will be returned to the student upon completing the program.
The students will be completing online modules for the course while attending high school at Drumheller Valley Secondary School. There will also be labs at Campus Alberta with equipment donated by Drumheller Health Services.
So far, Drumheller Valley Secondary School has attained nine very strong candidates wishing to attend the program.
Emma Spetz, a grade 10 student of DVSS, expresses her excitement for the program.
“I heard the program mentioned on the school announcement and I got so excited. My grandma was a nurse and I always wanted to be one. This is a great stepping stone to that.”
This program is also open to adults who wish to attain their Health Care Aide certificate. There is an option to complete the online modules at home and still attend the labs offered by Campus Alberta.


Alberta RCMP put focus on distracted driving


    The Alberta RCMP has dedicated their traffic enforcement focus in May to young drivers and distracted drivers.
    Alberta’s distracted driving laws have been slightly modified for public safety.
    The distracted driving ticket has been raised to $287.00 and demerits are also to be awarded.
    For young drivers participating in the Graduated Drivers Licence program, the added demerits could result in a drivers licence suspension.
    Some current restrictions for the Graduated Drivers Licence program is a licence suspension at eight demerits instead of fifteen and a zero alcohol tolerance.
    The youth driver focus  of this month is to ensure better drivers for the future.
     The RCMP aim to increase their presence in areas where young drivers would be expected to be.
    Constable Eric Doucette of the Drumheller RCMP states,“we will be focusing on things like young drivers speeding through school zones, not wearing a seat belt, and stunting.”
    The RCMP have shifted their focus on this particular issue but will not ignore other offenses.

Was "Elbowgate" serious for you?

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