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Rosebud takes patrons on trip to Oz



Rosebud Theatre is taking patrons on a romp through a fantasy world and reminding them there is no place like home in their production of The ‘Wizard of Oz.’

The unique Americana musical fairy tale continues its run on the Rosebud Opera Stage for the summer. Familiar faces to Rosebud fans include Cassia Schramm as Dorothy,  Dave Snider as the Tin Man and Mike Thiessen as the Great and Powerful Oz.

The story is a classic that audiences far and wide are familiar with, from possibly one of the most successful films ever. It plays to Rosebud Theatre’s strengths of big casts,  stage efficiency, and of course, music.

Shauna Murphy and Rachel Peacock provide the music for the familiar songs that get  young and old tapping their toes and humming along and the entire cast brings a strong voice to the show.

Familiarity does not take away from the energy  and zeal that the cast put into the  production. The company does a fine job of balancing between keeping true to the classic and familiar and putting their own signature on the play. They do this masterfully, allowing purists go home satisfied with  the production, but at the same time provide those special wow moments that only Rosebud Theatre can do.

The ‘Wizard Of Oz’ runs until September 5, and is truly fun for the whole family. Children and adults alike can enjoy the mastery of the language, and music, and get lost in the fairly tale on stage, which is just what is intended.

Grace House celebrates 25 years

The Grace House is marking 25 years in the community and Saturday afternoon celebrated with an open house, compete with a free barbecue for those in attendance. It was also a wildcard stop for the 25 Years of Grace poker run, and some of the hottest Harleys on the road stopped on through. 

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Local photographer captures stormy wedding photo



The weather is quite often a topic of discussion for many people, but for Cassie Molyneux and the bride and groom she was photographing last weekend, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Originally from Drumheller, Molyneux has been a wedding photographer for just over five years and is now based in Calgary. 

The couple, Helen Knight and Owen Chan, wanted their wedding photos atop Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park in Calgary because that is where the couple loved to walk their dog, said Molyneux. 

When the bridal party arrived on the top of the hill it, “was still beautiful weather and a great day, you would have never known that was coming by looking at the sky at that point,” she said continuing in saying that once she was finished with the bridesmaids she sent them back to the couples home and began pictures of just the bride and groom. 

“I knew we would only have a very short window to do that, but I really wanted to get a great shot of them with the skyline and all these crazy dark clouds moving over the city,” she said. 

“We stayed out there and got the shot and within 60 seconds after that it just started pouring down (rain) in buckets on us,” she finished. 

Molyneux recalls that one of the groomsmen had two small umbrellas with him at the time and she said they used one for the couple to help shield the brides hair, and the other to help protect her camera equipment. 

“We just booked it to the car and the bride got in there, I got in there, there was only room for a few of us. Some of the boys were still outside trying to shield themselves with the vehicle. Eventually they did all pile in so it was a car of seven people and we were all just laughing. We couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” she said with a laugh. 

She explained that once the rain stopped and they could see and drive they headed back to the couple’s home to get ready for their dinner. 

“Everyone just went into the recovery mode. The girls were blow drying Helen’s dress. Thankfully one of her bridesmaids was her hair dresser, so she fixed Helen’s hair. All the boys were tossing their suits in the dryer, whatever could go in there, and ironing and just doing whatever they could to get dry,” she said. 

“Leaving the house, it had looked like nothing had happened, everyone looked fabulous again. It was crazy. I didn’t think anyone was going to believe us that it had happened,” she told the Mail

“It was definitely just the right place, the right time, everything came together for that. It is really cool that it worked out,” Molyneux said. 



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