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Last updateTue, 23 Jan 2018 4pm

And the rain keeps coming down

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Tara Hodge shared this.  photo of a slide near the Lion's Club campground on Highway 837. A substantial amount of precipitation overnight destabilized the hill side causing the slide. At last report the road was passible.

Rain is expected to continue tonight. 

Kids pay it forward with lemonade stand

lemonade stand pic

Lemonade for a good cause.
Four and a half year old Ryder Hems (right), and his friend Logan Clark (left), five, have set up a lemonade stand at Ryder’s house. 

Ryder’s mom Audrey Hems, explained to Ryder about what Jamie Worman was doing for local families. Audrey said Ryder wanted to help so they decided to set up a lemonade stand. Audrey said this morning they baked oatmeal raisin and quinoa oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and put together candy bags for him to sell.
“It makes me proud,” Audrey said.
She said she had to find a way to explain to the kids why Worman was doing something like this.
“We told them in a way that makes them understand if there were in that position,” she said, explaining that she used the example of wanting a toy for their birthday.
When asked why he wanted to sell lemonade Ryder said, “to raise money for the kids. It makes me feel happy.”
The lemonade stand is set up at 421 16 th Street E. today (Friday) and there are lots goodies to choose from.

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