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Last updateSat, 27 Aug 2016 11pm

No injuries in Highway 10 collision

The Drumheller RCMP, EMS and the Drumheller Fire Department responded to a collision on Highway 10 near the Cambria Bridge shortly after 2 p.m., Friday afternoon. It appears a camper westbound collided with the corner of a combine, which was being hauled on a flatbed truck eastbound.  The top of the camper above the cab of the truck was damaged and a wheel attached to the combine fell through the bathroom area of the RV. There were no injuries and both vehicle were operational. Drumheller Firefighters helped to direct traffic and clear the highway.

Water no threat to Standard, Rosebud

A blue-green algae bloom in the Severn Creek Reservoir near the Village of Standard is not a threat to drinking water.

Alberta Health Service issued an advisory on Thursday that blue- green algae is present in the water.

 A report on another local media website implies that the Rosebud Reservoir may be carrying a harmful bacteria in the water.

The Mail cautions residents of the area to treat this report for what it is, as there is no known body of water know as the Rosebud Reservoir, and the reference is to the Severn Dam, situated north of Standard. Standard residents, nor Rosebud residents do not get water supply from this dam.

            Alan Larsen, Mayor of Standard confirms that the Village of Standard has it own water treatment plant and obtains water from the Bow River via the Western Irrigation District.

            Deputy Reeve of Wheatland County Ben Armstrong confirms that the Hamlet of Rosebud draws groundwater for its system and it is treated before it is sent to any homes or businesses.

While this water is not a threat to potable water supplies, residents or visitors are urged by Alberta Health Services to:

  • DO NOT DRINK WATERdirectly from, or allow your pets to drink water directly from, this reservoir. Boiling this contaminated reservoir water will not remove toxins. Provide an alternative source of drinking water for pets and livestock.
  • DO NOT SWIM OR WADEor allow your pets to swim or wade in this reservoir.
  • AVOID CONTACTwith blue-green algae along the shoreline.
  • DO NOTfeed whole fish or fish trimmings from this reservoir to your pets.
  • People may wish to limit their own consumption of whole fish and fish trimmings from this reservoir, as it is known that fish may store toxins in their liver.
  • People can safely consumefish fillets from this reservoir.

 According to a release, blue-green algae can produce a toxin (poison) that can cause serious illness to animals or humans who drink or have skin contact with water containing this toxin. Although weather and wind conditions can cause algae blooms to move from one location in the reservoir to another, the toxin can stay in the water even after algae have moved or disappeared.

Passion play prepares for new experiment this weekend

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play has been associated with Drumheller as a tourist attraction for 21 years, and the play kicks off this year with a  new change. The Passion Play will be adding a third weekend onto their shows in July.
    Weekend performances will take place from the 11th through the 27th. The Passion Play’s new times will be able to provide more accessibility for viewers who may not have been able to make the original dates.
    Vance Neudorf, executive director of the Passion Play, has been listening to the feedback from critics and decided  to extend the show times based on the comments.
    “We did this because we wanted to meet the requests of the people who watch us,” says Neudorf, “We also wanted to extend past the Calgary Stampede in order to bring in more demographics from around Alberta. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes.”
    Since it’s inception, over 250,000 people have witnessed the Passion Play, making it the biggest production in North America.  Though the three hour show may seem like a stretch, producers promise the play is worth it and the time goes by quickly.
    “There are different reasons to see the show. Sometimes it’s because it’s part of their faith, a part of the fabric of who they are. But the experience really comes alive.” Neudorf explains. “The time will go by quickly. As you’re following along, there’s so much stuff going on. It keeps you captivated.”

What will Summer 2016 be remembered for?

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