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Lose It Right - Book Review

I've had the great pleasure of reading James Fell's new book, Lose It Right, and let me tell you, it's a great read!
The book is written by James Fell, a Calgarian fitness journalist, MBA, columnist for Chatelaine and the LA Times, amongst a long list of achievements.  He has written a very pragmatic, well researched, and entertaining...

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HCG Diet - FDA Alert

Patients, doctors, and other health care professionals often come to me to ask about the HCG diet.   The bottom line is that the HCG diet is dangerous - you can read more on my thoughts about the dangers of HCG here, and more on the dangers of the accompanying very low calorie diet here.
What I wanted to share with you today is an ale...

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McDonald's or twinkies for weight loss??


The media loves to lather attention on stories of people who lose weight by controversial means.  And who better to draw attention to than those who do it by eating nothing but fast food or junk food?! It's the ultimate sexy paradox.
There's the teacher who has recently been heralded for his 37 pound weight loss eating nothing but...

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