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#4 Top Post of All Time on DrSue.ca - Benefits to Barley and Buckwheat? The Low Glycemic Index Diet

Amongst the plethora of weight loss strategies that abound out there, the Low Glycemic Index Diet is touted as yet another way to 'guarantee' substantial weight loss. Let's debulk the mystery - is this fact or fiction?
The Glycemic Index of a particular food refers to the rapiditiy with which the sugars (carbohydrates) in that food are absorbed...

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DrSue.ca Turns Five!

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of DrSue.ca!  It's been a wonderful ride so far - in the last half decade, I've enjoyed sharing knowledge on topics ranging from what we can learn from elephants about healthy eating, to the dangers of the very low calorie diet, to inspirational stories about diabetics overcoming their...

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Air bag for cyclists


Here's an innovative way that Scandinavians are trying to improve cycling safety in commuter cyclists who don't use helmets (and perhaps also a clandestine effort to maintain some semblance of a hairstyle?!).
Meet the Swedish Hövding Air Bag - it's a zip bag worn around the neck (kind of like a neck warmer) that releases an airbag in a helmet...

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