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                                                                                                                                     Medical Clinic

         Clinic brings new model of care Patrick Kolafa  |  The Drumheller Mail

                                                                         he  new  Riverside  Medical  Clinic  has  the  goal  to  become
                                                                         your medical home.
                                                                    T    The  new  clinic  that  has  just  opened  at  the  Riverside
                                                                    Medical Centre is working to build a holistic care clinic using a
                                                                    model called The Patient Medical Home.
                                                                      Dr.  Rithesh  Ram,  founder  of  the  new  clinic,  described  the
                                                                    Patient  Medical  Home  model  to  Drumheller  Town  Council  in
                                                                      “This  is  an  initiative  that  is  hopefully  going  to  be  sweeping
                                                                    across  North  America  and  the  country.  It  is  something  that  is
                                                                    sought after and looked for by the provincial and national col-
                                                                    leges,  Alberta  Health  Services  and  the  various  zones  across
                                                                    Alberta and the rest of the country,” he said.
                                                                      The  model  is  based  on  delivering  patient-centered  care,
                                                                    rather than doctor centric care.
                                                                      “For most people that makes complete sense, but it is some-
                                                                    thing that is lacking, and that takes the form of patients waiting
                                                                    for appointments or bookings or waiting to get results,” he said.
                                                                    “They need a personal family physician, and by that I mean, they
                                                                    have  their  own  dedicated  family  physician  that  is  giving  them
                                                                    that continuity of care. And a team that supports and provides
                                                                    the care that is more appropriately provided by non-physicians.”
                                                                    That is the model of team-based care, whereby while you have
                                                                    a personal physician, other health professionals and staff play a
                                                                    role in providing comprehensive and continuity of care.
                                                                      “It is a one-stop-shop. That is to see your family physician, or if
                                                                    you need help for diabetes or hypertension, the chronic disease
                                                                    nurse,  or  with  your  medications,  the  pharmacist,  for  example.
                                                                    Everything  is  in  one  place  and  it’s  very  easy  and  very  conve-
                                                                    nient,” said Ram.
                                                                      It  also  includes  timely  access.  The  clinic  opened  June  1,
                                                                    already  having  same  day  appointments  available  for  their
                                                                      Dr. Ram explains that currently in Alberta, the community of
                                                                    Taber has a clinic using the Patient Medical Home model.
                                                                      “It is an absolutely amazing clinic. The process of how they
                                                                    see patients, they have same-day bookings, they are a one-stop-
                                                                    shop, they provide continual care, they have done quite a job
                                                                    there. And that was through all the partnerships they have with
                                                                    the town, the community and with the doctors,” said Ram.
                                                                      “It was the only one…but now there is another, and we are
                                                                    proud to say it is in Drumheller.”

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                      MEDICAL                                                 Dr. Ram and the team                                                  Riverside Medical
                                                                                                                                                     on the opening of your
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            in your new home!                                                   at Riverside Medical                                                It is a welcome addition
                                                                                        You dreamt, you worked and you are there.
                                                                          on the opening of your new good work.                                         to the community.
                                                                                                        Keep up the
                                                                        state-of-the-art Medical Clinic.
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