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10 -   e Drumheller Mail - Wednesday, June 28, 2017                                                                                   - SECTION  A


                                                                                                                                     Medical Clinic

        New Clinic ready to serve community                                                                                       Patrick Kolafa  |  The Drumheller Mail

          t is a vision that came together in a whirlwind, and the                                                                      platform,  with  virtual  medicine  in  development  to  be
          new Riverside Medical Centre has opened its doors to                                                                          launched within the year.
        Ithe community.                                                                                                                   The clinic has teamed up with Riverside Value Drug
          The new clinic in the Riverside Medical Centre aims to                                                                        Mart to open a dispensary (August 1) to serve patients
        become the medical home for residents of Drumheller.                                                                            more conveniently and effi ciently.
          The road to the new clinic began in March when Dr.                                                                              The clinic has ample space for health professionals to
        Rithesh  Ram  parted  ways  with  Drumheller  Associated                                                                        deliver specialized care. Currently, Dr. Ram is actively
        Physicians.                                                                                                                     practicing, and in the near future his wife, who is com-
          He quickly mobilized and took a lease in the neighbor-                                                                        pleting her rural family physician residency, will also be
        ing building and began an extensive renovation of the                                                                           joining. Other physicians requesting to join will be pro-
        facility to make way for the new clinic. He enlisted the ex-                                                                    bationary to confi rm they believe in the Patient Medical
        pertise of Kristyne DeMott and Joe Castonguay to make                                                                           Home model and want to provide patient centric care.
        the vision a reality. Many local trades were also brought                                                                         Other members of Riverside Medical you may encoun-
        in to complete the renovation.                                                                                                  ter during a visit in the summer will include Dr. Shah-
          On June 30, the clinic staff will be holding their grand                                                                      rir Kabir, locum family physician and Dr. Ryan Hoskins,
        opening.                                                                                                                        locum family physician and emergency physician board
          To support the vision of Patient Medical Home, the                                                                            certifi ed.
        new clinic is equipped with the latest technology in the                                                                          Dr. Ram is an innovator, and his vision for primary and
        medical  fi eld  for  patient  care,  as  well  as  in  the  offi ce                                                              preventative health in the valley is pushing the boundar-
        for effi ciency and organization. This includes a state of                                                                       ies beyond anything that has been done before.
        the  art  phone  system  and  Electronic  Medical  Record

                                               DR. RITHESH RAM CLINIC STAFF - PHYSICIAN, PRESIDENT, FOUNDER & FAMILY MAN

                                                     r.  Rithesh  Ram  is  a  family  physician  in  In rural medicine, Dr. Ram works in multiple loca-  board of the Alberta Medical Association’s Health
                                                     Drumheller,  Alberta.  He  is  an  AHS  staff  tions including: his primary care network (includ-  Issues  Council,  and  a  primary  care  representa-
                                               Dphysician  in  the  Central  Zone  and  was  ing chronic pain clinic), acute care in the hospital,  tive on Toward Optimized Practice (TOP) clinical
                                               originally born and raised in Camrose, Alberta.  in the emergency department, in the operating  practice guidelines. Dr. Ram is also involved with
                                                 Dr. Ram is passionate about teaching, and is a  room, and in long term care. He is currently the  the $400 million dollar AHS Provincial Clinical In-
                                               Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of  Clinical  Lead  for  Acute  Care  and  Emergency  at  formation System (CIS) as the Provincial Knowl-
                                               Family Medicine where he is the residency train-  the Drumheller Health Centre.                edge Lead for Primary Care.
                                               ing lead for Drumheller. He also recently became    Dr. Ram, aside from his MD, has a BSc in Elec-    Dr. Ram resides in Drumheller with his family.
                                               the Director of the UCLIC Program (University of  trical Engineering from the University of Alberta  Dr. Ram enjoys reading endless stories to his chil-
                                               Calgary Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship) which  and  a  PhD  in  Epidemiology  from  the  University  dren, walking his dog amongst the hoodoos, curl-
                                               is a research-based, educational experience that  of Calgary. He is currently Vice Chair of his PCN,  ing during the season, and remaining active on a
                                               allows medical students to learn in the continu-  a recent addition to the executive of the CZMSA  daily basis (even just doing push-ups while on call
                                               um of patient care throughout southern Alberta.  (Central Zone Medical Staff Association), on the  when there is even the shortest break).


             he path that led Clinic General Manager Kathy  date to apply for a clinic management position. With                               Congratulations
             Stark  to  a  management  position  in  a  rural  encouragement and support from colleagues, family
        Thealthcare setting began after completing a di-   and friends she gladly accepted the challenging po-
        ploma in administration from Hollingshead Business  sition of Clinic Manager in 2005.
        College in Calgary, Alberta.                         She has always kept a news clipping on her desk
          She was employed in the oil and gas industry for  called “Some team lessons from geese”. It goes on
        ten years in Calgary but the desire to give her chil-  to list all the lessons people  can learn from an un-
        dren the small town experience led the family to the  likely source – a fl ock of geese. Stark will continue to                          RIVERSIDE MEDICAL
        decision to move back to Stark’s hometown of Drum-  keep it on her desk at Riverside Medical because it
        heller.                                            truly encapsulates the message of the Patient Medi-                                    on the opening of
          Stark’s  work  experience  in  healthcare  includes  cal Home.
        over twenty years of dedicated service which began    Teammates who share a common direction and
        when she accepted a position as a medical transcrip-  sense  of  community  can  get  where  they’re  going                                your new clinic in
        tionist. A strong work ethic and curiosity for knowing  quicker and easier when they travel on shared pow-
        all aspects of a business made her a strong candi-  er.

                                         CANDACE BAXTER               CLINIC STAFF - PATIENT CARE COORDINATOR & MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANT        Wishing you

                                               atient Care Coordinator and  daughter, Brianna, was born. She was the nudge Baxter needed to be-  much success
                                               Medical  Offi ce  Assistant  come more focused and career driven.
                                         PCandace  Baxter  moved  to    From 2004 to 2006 she decided to go back to school and do some              in your
                                         Drumheller when she was 15. Due  upgrading on courses including bookkeeping, and basic accounting.
                                         to  lack  of  employment  in  British  Those courses enabled her to work her way up from a server at a lo-   new
                                         Columbia,  her  father  had  found  cal restaurant, to assistant general manager. The type of work was   business.
                                         steady work in Drumheller.        very trying when living out of town, and being a single parent so she
                                            So,  in  October  of  1985,  the  changed gears.
                                         family  packed  up  and  headed  to    Taking some time away from work late in 2011 and early 2012, she                VISIT US AT
                                         Alberta, where she became emo-    had taken steps to return to college and pursue an accounting Degree.
                                         tional  throughout  the  entire  ride.  Those plans were set aside when she received an interview for a Medi-
                                         She  then  proceeded  to  graduate  cal Offi ce Assistant position. Within the fi rst year of taking the position,
                                         from DCHS, now known as DVSS,  was when she realized it was where she wanted to be. “I had found my
                                         in 1988.                          niche,” said Baxter.                                                                               .com   ®
                                            At 17, she started working for a    Within fi ve years, she had assisted in opening two successful doc-
        grocery store called Allwest – it was there that she had taken an inter-  tors practices, one of which is our very own Dr. Rithesh Ram.   DOWNTOWN DRUMHELLER
        est in general bookkeeping, but also a passion for interaction with the    In 2015, Baxter received the Drumheller Rotary Club Award of Excel-
        public had fl ourished. It was during these years, her love for the Drum-  lence for “Most Courteous Employee”, and can only hope she is, and in   403-823-5723
        heller Valley was born.                                            the future, living up to those expectations.
          For most of Baxter’s younger years in Drumheller, she fl oundered    “Now, I look forward to embarking on a new and exciting journey with       Saving You More.
        working in retail and sales, generally anything working with the pub-  Riverside Medical,” said Baxter. “My priority has always been the pa-      LOCALLY OWNED AND
        lic, but with no sense of direction. In 2002 that all changed when her  tient, and I believe they will receive the utmost care at our new facility.”  OPERATED SINCE 2001

                                                                   Joe Castonguay                                                     Kristyne De Mott

                                                                                We are pleased to have

                                                                                         been chosen as

                                                                                 general contractor and

                                                                                        interior designer

                                                                                              for the new

            Rhycor Developments                                               RIVERSIDE MEDICAL                                                      Kristyne De Mott

          GENERAL CONTRACTOR                                                                                                                      INTERIOR DESIGNER

              403.823.0366 Drumheller                                                            CLINIC                                            403.629.2747 Drumheller

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